Our Affilate Programme

Earn money on a regular basis with SalesSystemCRM

You can make money recommending SalesSystemCRM to other businesses. All our clients are automatically part of our affilate programme providing reduced costs by earning a recurring revenue from introducing other businesses to SalesSystemCRM.

How the affilate program works?

When you refer someone to SalesSystemCRM, you will earn 10% of all recurring subscriptions they make. For example, if you refer a business to us with 10 users, you may end up with one of your users being completely free, earning £22.50 per month or £270 per year. You have to be an active subscriber to be part of our affilate programme. We will deduct your affilate income from your own subscription fee whilst you and your referred businesses are actively subscribing to SalesSystemCRM. We will also exchange the value for other goods and services or provide payment by cheque.